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Here are some links to resources for All The Things That Could Go Wrong to help you extend the reading experience.


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You can read my guest blog on Books For Topics here. 


Anti-bullying book list

All The Things That Could Go Wrong Features on these fantastic book lists. 

Stewart Foster author anti-bullying

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Stewart Foster

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I've visited hundreds of schools and spoken to thousands of children about the issue of bullying. It's a subject very close to my heart. Bullying makes so many people's lives a misery, makes them feel trapped, helpless, and unable to cope.
In our schools we all know who is being bullied, and we all know who the bullies are, yet the majority of the time we just stand by and let it happen. I wrote All the things that could go Wrong, to try to make up for a mistake I made when I was thirteen, when I did exactly that; stood by while a boy in my class was bullied for nine months, relentlessly. I was lucky that a brilliant teacher spotted this and he helped me to confront the bullies and bring the boy's nightmare to an end.


Please read All the things that could go Wrong. If you are at Primary or Secondary school, please use it to think about your own lives and those of your fellow schoolmates and I hope there is something in the book that we can all learn from. If you are a teacher, please read it and share with your class -then I hope you can invite me to your school so we can all talk about it there.


let's try to put an end to!

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