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I know, I know, you may want to know more about me, but if I put everything here, I'll use up all my material for school visits!
So, I'll just tell you that I sit on my boat all day, on my own, writing about the lives of characters that I love and care about and I hope that you will too. But just so you don't think me secretive...


 here are ten random things about me:

  1. I love cycling up mountains

  2. I put my toast in the fridge

  3. I support Arsenal! 

  4. I love The Clash, Radiohead and the Delays 

  5. I've never, ever drunk milk, tea or coffee 

  6. I've never eaten a tomato or cheese 

  7. I love Superhero movies 

  8. My favourite superhero is Spiderman 

  9. The only vegetables I eat are raw carrots 

  10. I hate having my photo taken!

And ten things I'm thinking about here:

1. My nose will cave in if I pick it

2. There's a crocodile under the living room rug

3. My watch strap smells really nice

4. My hearing aid doesn't play music

5. I wish I could make a machine gun noise as good as my best friend

6. I wish mum would stop cutting my fringe wonky

7. I love school so much I don't want to go home

8. My watch is broken but I still wear it

9. I can't hear the school bell ring, so i just get up when everyone else moves

10. I just won a writing competition and it feels amazing!

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