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Here are some photos from school visits and events - maybe you can spot your school, your story or a drawing you sent me?


"We are so lucky that Stewart foster is our patron of reading! His books are beautifully written and tackle issues that are heart thumping and important. Our Stew shelf is usually empty - not because we don't have enough copies - we have lots! but because everyone is reading them!"
ian hunt   @Springwoodht

ian hunt   @Springwoodht


"the children all bought in to what he was trying to achieve and those who wouldn't normally share writing were jumping at the chance to show off what they had written in his sessions. we would welcome him back to elmhurst junior any time!"
Andrew Mullen @mr_M_Reads

Andrew Mullen @mr_M_Reads

Stewart Foster testimonial

'Glitter' said: I'm a big fan of your books especially since you visited my school last year. Your book changed the way i view bullying and i'm thankful that i met you.

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